Raised in Macon, GA, I grew up watching my father and grandfather enjoy basic woodworking. It became my hobby over the years until I discovered turning. I stopped one day to pick up a piece of cedar on the side of the road, brought it home to my workshop and turned my first bowl. Because of a lack of basic bowl-turning knowledge, the bowl gradually fell apart, but the experience solidified my love for wood turning. Later I took one short wood turning class with a professional, and I was hooked. Turning was no longer a hobby--it became a passion. I've been blessed by amazing teachers, supportive family and friends and other wood turners willing to share ideas, techniques and special skills. Using this craft to preserve a piece of old wood or to make a special item with significance in the piece of wood brings me a great amount of joy.

Just this past fall a client brought me a small old cherry drawer from a desk used by past generations in her family. The desk had been re-purposed, and the drawer sat unused in her basement. She wanted to know what could be made with the small piece of solid cherry that formed the face of the drawer. I worked with her to make 8 letter openers for her family as gifts. What a special privilege it was to help her preserve her family heritage and thrill her loved ones with something from their past on Christmas.

Another client approached me because her nephew had received a large promotion and was moving from the east to the west coast. She wanted to honor both his life in Atlanta as well as his new life in California. So we worked to create a beautiful bowl with wood that came from an Atlanta tree and a redwood burl ballpoint pen signifying his new job and promotion.

For my hunting friends, we have used antlers to create razors, pens, letter openers, magnifiers, wine bottle stoppers and keychains. One can only preserve so many animals, so what a great way to make good use of extra antlers!

Whether it is a special item made out of significant wood for your home or a beautiful appointment for your executive's desk, I count it a privilege to help design special items. See my contact page for more information.



Winter Arts Festival - Macon, Ga - 2012
Norfolk Island Pine Hollow Vessel


Georgia National Fair - 2013
Norfolk Island Pine Bracelet on Copper